Public Engagement

DSC01329-163Photo: Steve Cross

Science touches every facet of our lives. It need not be dry or overwhelming – it’s modern, vibrant and exciting – and I firmly believe that the way science is communicated should be too!

To this end, I’ve been involved with many different projects, all with the aim of opening up science to a broader audience. Most of my work falls into the following categories (you can find out more here):


I’ve spoken at universities, conferences and have performed comedy sets at Science Showoff, Books Showoff and The Royal Society (information on gigs can be found in Events). I’ve explored improvised comedy through my participation in the No Ball Prizes and as a guest on a science comedy panel shows.

I am a member of Science Showoff Talent Factory, a mentoring programme to further develop my performance.

Workshops and Demonstrations:

I’ve led hands-on workshops and demos in venues including the Science Museum, the Design Museum, the Royal Institution,  the Wellcome Collection, the Institute of Making, Selfridges, The Mini Maker Faire and Big Bang London – as well as in schools and universities.

Events and Outreach Initiatives:

I’ve organised adult lecture series in the pub; run a Royal Society of Chemistry outreach scheme; and have helped design, organise and implement a community based lab course, summer schools, open days and masterclasses.


I’ve written popular science articles for publications including London Student newspaper, where I was Science Editor; have forayed into interviewing and video production; and have designed and carried out experiments for television.

DSC04536-172Photo: Ian Bowkett