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Photo: Steve Cross

Upcoming Gigs:

Alternatives to the leaky pipeline? (panel speaker), WISE@QMUL, Thursday 21st February, London TICKETS

Chemistry in Action (Event Chair), Tuesday 5th March, Emmanuel Centre, London

Our Disgusting Planet (Co-host), Thursday 28th March, The Harrison, London TICKETS


Photo: Steve Cross

Past Gigs:

 – 2018 – 

Chemistry in Action (Event Chair), 11th December, Emmanuel Centre, London

Never Explain – Drunk December, 17th December, London

Chemistry in Action (Event Chair), 23rd November, Emmanuel Centre, London

Never Explain, 19th November, London

Chemistry in Action (Event Chair), 6th November, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

Our Disgusting Planet (Co-Host), 18th October, London

Claire and Lucy’s Guide to Natural Living, 18th August, London

Never Explain – Live Podcast Recording, 23rd July, London

Never Explain, 28th July, WOMAD Festival

Professor Malice’s Science Apocalypse, 31st July, London

The No-Ball Prizes 4, 19th July, London

Flamingo Bingo (Co-Host), 17th May, London

Science Showoff, 9th May, London

The No-Ball Prizes 3, 27th March, London

The Science Newseum, 15th February, London

Science Showoff: Talent Factory Special, 7th February, London

The Over-Analyser’s Book Club presents: Frankenstein, 29th January, Waterstones, London

Professor Malice’s Science Apocalypse, 18th January, London

 – 2017- 

Collections by Candlelight: Forgotten Books, 4th December, The Royal Society, London

The No-Ball Prizes 2, 16th November, London

Science Showoff: Talent Factory 2017 Launch, 29th September, London

 – 2016 – 

Books Showoff, August, Waterstones, London