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Photo: Steve Cross


Our Disgusting Planet @ Never ExplainComedian8th OctOnline TICKETS
Never ExplainComedian15th OctOnline (Private gig)

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has proved to be a bit of a nuisance, and has waylaid my 2020 gigs. If you’d like to plan something post-pandemic, or even online, do get in touch!

  • Would you like someone to develop, run or host an event (online or otherwise)? Or maybe someone to bring some liveliness to Chemistry? Maybe you’d be interested in a personal redition of “my first smear test”, complete with stage-approved lunges? Email me
  • Would you like to book Our Disgusting Planet for a frank and funny comedy night, focussing on the filthy world and bodies we inhabit? Email us

Photo: Steve Cross

On Stage

Our Disgusting Planet @ Never ExplainComedian16th JulyOnlineSCIENCE
Our Disgusting PlanetCo-host & Comedian9th MarchCambridge Science Festival, CambridgeSCIENCE COMEDY
Personalised cancer treatment: the role of chemistry Speaker2nd MarchChemistry in Action, LondonSCIENCE
Our Disgusting PlanetCo-host & Comedian 8th FebThe Vagina Museum, LondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Personalised cancer treatment: the role of chemistry Speaker9th DecChemistry in Action, SalfordSCIENCE
Personalised cancer treatment: the role of chemistrySpeaker2nd DecChemistry in Action, LondonSCIENCE
Personalised cancer treatment: the role of chemistrySpeaker20th NovChemistry in Action, WarwickSCIENCE
Chemistry in Action Host14th NovChemistry in Action, LondonSCIENCE
Blurred Lines: The Impact of AI in Business and AcademiaOrganiser &Host11th, CambridgeTECH COMMUNITY
Our Disgusting PlanetCo-host & Comedian18th AugEinstein’s Garden, Green Man FestivalSCIENCE COMEDY
Our Disgusting PlanetCo-host & Comedian17th AugEinstein’s Garden, Green Man FestivalSCIENCE COMEDY
No Balls PrizesMC16th AugEinstein’s Garden, Green Man FestivalSCIENCE COMEDY
The Variables Present: An Evening of Science Variety MC30th JulyCambridgeSCIENCE COMEDY
Science Showoff Comedian14th JulyCitadel Festival, LondonSCIENCE COMEDY + Networking Event Organiser & Host27th, CambridgeTECH
COMMUNITY LaunchOrganiser & Host 26th, CambridgeTECH
Our Disgusting Planet Co-host & Comedian28th MarchLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
International Women’s DaySpeaker8th MarchCambridge Women in Tech, CambridgeTECH
Chemistry in Action Host5th MarchChemistry in Action, LondonSCIENCE
Alternatives to the Leaky Pipeline?Panellist21st FebWISE@QMUL, LondonSCIENCE
Chemistry in ActionHost11th DecChemistry in Action, LondonSCIENCE
Never Explain – Drunk DecemberComedian17th DecLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Chemistry in Action Host23rd NovChemistry in Action, LondonSCIENCE
Never ExplainComedian19th NovLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Chemistry in ActionHost6th NovChemistry in Action, WarwickSCIENCE
Our Disgusting PlanetCo-host & Comedian18th OctLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Claire and Lucy’s Guide to Natural LivingComedian18th AugLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Professor Malice’s Science ApocalypseComedian31st JulyLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Never ExplainComedian28th JulyWOMAD FestivalSCIENCE COMEDY
Never ExplainComedian23rd July LondonSCIENCE COMEDY
The No-Ball Prizes 4,Comedian19th JulyLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Flamingo BingoCo-host & Comedian17th MayLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Science ShowoffComedian9th MayLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
The No-Ball Prizes 3Comedian27th MarchLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
The Science NewseumComedian15th FebLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Science Showoff: Talent Factory Special,Comedian7th FebLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
The Over-Analyser’s Book Club presents: FrankensteinComedian29th JanWaterstones, LondonCOMEDY
Professor Malice’s Science ApocalypseComedian18th JanLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Collections by Candlelight: Forgotten BooksSpeaker4th DecThe Royal Society, LondonPERFORMANCE
The No-Ball Prizes 2Comedian16th NovLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Science Showoff: Talent Factory 2017 LaunchComedianLondonSCIENCE COMEDY
Books ShowoffComedianAugWaterstones, LondonCOMEDY